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Chronic pain & more

I’m a 29 year old woman and fitness coach, and I consider myself to be very healthy. I workout 5x a week and I eat very cleanly. That said, I just could not ignore this chronic pain in my right back and shoulder any longer. It had gotten so bad that I could not workout or even sleep at night.

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I am so glad I found this center

I am 65 years old and have a myriad of health problems that have affected me for many years. I came to Owen because he was different from the other traditional chinese medicine practitioners(TCM) that I had used in the past that just worked on alleviating symptoms. I learned so much about acupuncture that I never knew before because they

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Asthma, Autoimmune Disease

My husband and I are both currently receiving treatment from Owen at Acupuncture Medical Center, and have been thrilled with the level of care and results we have seen! My husband has been receiving treatment for a couple of months for asthma that required him to use two inhalers, twice a day. Since beginning treatment, he has not picked up

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Tailbone, lower back pain

I have had So Much Pain Relief in my tailbone and lower back since I’ve been going to see Owen Marron at Acupuncture Medical Center. I was on 4 pain pills a day for my chronic pain and that was the best my doctors and specialists had to offer. It has been over 5 weeks now that I have not

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