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Asthma, Autoimmune Disease

My husband and I are both currently receiving treatment from Owen at Acupuncture Medical Center, and have been thrilled with the level of care and results we have seen! My husband has been receiving treatment for a couple of months for asthma that required him to use two inhalers, twice a day. Since beginning treatment, he has not picked up his inhalers once. I have been receiving treatment since February 2015, with the hopes that acupuncture would help restore my kidney function. I have had an autoimmune disease, IgA Nephropathy, since the age of 13, and was told I needed to resume a treatment of immunosuppressant drugs last year at the age of 34. Frustrated with my “western medicine” treatment options, I met with Owen and Mollie. Owen was able to identify weaknesses in my overall health, and develop a plan that has absolutely improved my health! Not only do I FEEL better (severe fatigue, edema), my lab work reflects the drastic improvement in my kidney, liver, and heart function. My nephrologist has five markers by which he measures the progression of my disease, and at my last visit, all five had moved in the positive direction, something my doctors had continually told me was highly unlikely to ever happen without the use of an immunosuppressant! I cannot express enough my gratitude for Owen and Mollie, and the energy they have put into helping my body do something my nephrologists said was never possible. I am a believer 100 times over in what acupuncture can do for EVERY body!

-Rebecca T.

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